Tips for Motorcycle Safety

Summer is upon us and that means we’re all sharing the road with motorcycles. Safety and awareness by the driving public and the riders is crucial to reduce and prevent accidents.

One of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents are cars pulling out in front of them or turning left in front of them. Most often the driver says “I didn’t see them” and most likely they really didn’t Motorcycles are small and can be moving faster than they appear. They also accelerate much more quickly than cars, which can cause other drivers to underestimate how quickly they will be approaching an intersection. The best way to prevent these accidents to take your time and look twice, and if you see a motorcycle, allow them to clear the intersection before turning.

Here are some additional motorcycle safety tips from The National Safety Council

  • Wear a helmet
  • Choose a bike that fits you; “supersport bikes” have driver death rates about four times that of cruisers or standard bikes, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
  • Invest in anti-lock brakes
  • New riders should take a motorcycle safety course, and experienced riders should take refresher courses after being off their bikes for a while
  • Know the rules of the road
  • Be aware that riding with a passenger requires considerably more skill
  • Never drink and ride
  • Drive defensively, especially at intersections, where half of all collisions occur
  • Watch for hazards like potholes, manhole covers, oil slicks, puddles, debris, railroad tracks and gravel
  • Assume you are invisible to other motorists and position yourself to be seen
  • Use headlights day and night
  • Be courteous; don’t weave in and out of lanes, or ride on the shoulder or between lanes
  • Don’t speed
  • Wear bright and/or reflective clothing that is durable and boots that cover the ankles
  • Wear goggles, glasses or use a face shield that is ventilated to prevent fogging, and make sure it’s clear if riding at night

We want everyone to enjoy riding their motorcycle and to stay safe on the road.

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