While we encourage our clients to call us anytime, there are certain situations that should prompt you to call us (or your insurance agent) immediately, or as soon as possible.

Here’s a few situations that a quick call to your agent is warranted:

When to Call Your Insurance Agent

You’re adding on to, or renovating, your home

Building an addition, finishing a basement, putting in a new kitchen, enclosing a porch, these are all things that can increase the value of you home and the amount of insurance on your dwelling may need to be increased.

You’re building a new garage or building on your property

While there probably is some automatic coverage for other structures on your policy, building a new building can exhaust those available limits. Also, if the building will be used for anything other than strictly personal use, it may need to be covered differently.

Your child turns 15

Children who are 15 frequently have one thing on their mind: When can they get their driver’s license?  We can help you with some advance planning and advise on mitigating the increased costs that come with that, as well as make sure they are covered properly. It’s really not too soon to give us a call.

Your child goes to college

A child in college can create some complicated insurance problems depending on their living situation, whether they have a car, etc.

You get married or divorced (or are planning on it)

Changes is marital status can create situations where one spouse is no longer covered if they leave the home, or your new spouse may not have coverage while driving your vehicle. Best to call us and talk it through.

You get/buy expensive jewelry

As we’ve covered before, there is some automatic coverage, but it is limited. Best to call us to make certain.

You buy a “toy”

Buying an RV, boat, ATV, camper, trailer, classic or antique car creates situations that may require a separate policy. We know you’re excited about your new purchase, but its best if you inform us in advance so there are no surprises.

These are just a few of the common situations we see where our clients sometimes get in trouble for not calling us in advance. We’re happy to discuss “what if” situations with you. We’d rather you know up front than be surprised come claim time.

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