Life Insurance Solutions

Talking about life insurance usually isn’t at the top of anyone’s list, but providing for your family and those that depend on you can be one of the most important conversation you ever have.¬†David Dempsey Insurance¬†will explain your options simply with no pressure to buy anything you don’t need.

Here’s just a few situations where life insurance can be used:

  • Income replacement. Half of all U.S. workers would struggle financially one month after losing an income.
  • Education costs. Ensure your children can afford college if something happens to you.
  • Mortgage protection. Loss of a breadwinner can mean the loss of the family home.
  • Wealth transfer. Do you want to leave behind a legacy for charity or loved ones?
  • Final expenses. The average cost of a funeral, health care bills and other final expenses average about $15,000.
  • Business Continuation – Providing funds for a business to continue after the loss of leadership
  • Business Buy/Sell Agreements – funding partners to buy each other out in the event of death
  • Business Key Man Insurance – covering the loss a business would incur if a key person should die suddenly


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